New Bomb Pots are about to make your revenue explode

We’ve been experiencing a record-high amount of traffic (we’re talking seriously big), but that doesn’t mean we’re resting on our laurels.

We are all about continuous improvement and coming early June, we’re bringing the biggest thing to happen to cash games in years.

Our new Bomb Pots will ‘go off’ during special Happy Hours. They will strike up to 4 times per hour at all cash game tables regardless of the stakes.

Here’s what happens when the bomb goes off.
  1. All players at the table will put in extra blinds.
  2. There’s no preflop betting so all players see the flop.
  3. After the flop, betting returns to normal.

Why should you promote Bomb Pots? Here are just some of the selling points:

Bigger action and bigger pots: Because everyone gets to see the flop, there’s automatically bigger action and huge pots. And who doesn’t like bigger pots? That’s exactly what players will find with Bomb Pots.

WPN is the only network to offer this: You can literally tell your players that Bomb Pots can only be found online at Winning Poker Network sites. This is a great selling point for those who are still undecided about which poker site to join.

Bomb Pots are sticking around long-term: Once the limited-time Happy Hours are over, Bomb Pots will still happen at specially designated tables. So this is something you can definitely promote long-term.

Start getting the word out about Bomb Pots now and see your revenue explode!