If you’re not promoting Cyclones, you’re not doing enough

Are you doing everything you can to take your profits higher? If you’re promoting our brands, highlighting our promos, and regularly telling players about what’s going on at WPN sites, your answer is probably yes.

If you’re promoting the Venom, your answer is probably hell yes.

But if you’re not promoting Cyclones, you might as well go hang your head in shame and cry in a corner because you’re not doing everything you can to watch your revenue storm to new heights. And everyone else is beating you at this game.

Cyclones are a true game-changer. Yes, we know. Game-changing is too cliché. But there really is no other way to describe Cyclones because we designed them to completely change how players get into their favorite tournaments.

Forget about sitting through hours and hours of grueling satellite play, only to miss the money and deal with defeat.

With Cyclones, players can storm their way to a Venom seat (or their favorite tournament) just by consistently hitting 5,000 chips.

Cyclones are basically Blitz Poker Step games, designed to push players through to the next level as soon as they’ve hit 5,000 chips. There are 7 levels and level 7 pays out a $2,650 Venom ticket. What’s more, players are free to cash out earlier for a smaller tourney ticket.

It really is that simple. So get those banners up and watch your revenue go up too.