Grow your revenue with over 60 different cryptocurrency options

You’ve probably heard by now that we’ve gone all-in on cryptocurrencies. That’s more than just poker-themed wordplay. We actually welcome more than 60 different crypto options including bitcoin.

While giving players endless choices is good in theory, the rollout has been even more impressive. Cryptocurrency now represents more than 60% of our business and that figure grows every day. That isn’t at all shocking when you consider all the perks cryptocurrency gives your players.

Cryptocurrencies are safe, secure, and convenient, but that’s just the beginning. They work globally, which means your players can deposit with ease no matter where they reside. In other words, they won’t have to deal with declined credit cards or banks asking too many questions.

Bitcoin and other cryptos are also affordable to use. Players pay a modest miner’s fee when depositing and there are no fees when withdrawing funds. There are no costly wire transfer fees to deal with or other surprises.

Cryptocurrencies are great for our affiliates too. Consider how much simpler it is to transform a prospective poker player into a paying customer when there are no obstacles to depositing. And with a 200% bonus up to $1,000 for first time depositors who use a crypto, you won’t have any trouble convincing players on the fence to hit the real money tables.

Don’t forget to remind your players that they’ll need to use the crypto deposit address provided by WPN within 15 minutes of receiving it. It’s the easiest way to guarantee they’ll receive the exact amount requested in their account in a timely manner.

Tell you potential players about how great cryptocurrencies are today.