Bankroll Beneficiaries: A Poker Will

At WPN, we care about our players and do everything we can to ensure their money remains safe, no matter the circumstances. We wish every member of our player community a long and healthy life, but we know it’s always good to be prepared.

So, in the event that anything happens to one of our community members, we want to make sure that their money is returned to their loved ones.

On June 30, we are introducing a new feature to our software called Bankroll Beneficiaries. It allows our players to ensure the balance of their account is returned to their loved ones in the event that they should pass away or become physically unable to access their account.

Much like you’d designate a beneficiary in your will or with your financial investments, you can do the same for your poker bankroll.

The new feature will be displayed as below within the ‘Settings’ section of the poker client.

With this new feature, you’re in control. Simply set the duration for account inactivity. We’ll contact you 30 days before the day you set and if you don’t respond within the 30 days, we’ll transfer the funds to your beneficiary.

Remember, you can set your own inactivity duration, beneficiary addresses, and the percentage of your balance you want to send them.

The Bankroll Beneficiaries feature is just one more thing we’re doing to take care of our players. Take advantage.