Venom Fever is the hottest (and easiest way) to increase your bottom line

We recently let you know that we’re running the $8 Million Mystery Bounty Venom and $2 Million PLO Venom together this August. Now, we’re making it easier than ever for your players to qualify by guaranteeing almost 1,000 seats via our Venom Fever promo.

Venom Fever satellites run from Sunday, July 7th through Sunday, August 18th. They are guaranteeing 893 seats to the $8 Million Mystery Bounty and 100 seats to the $2 Million PLO. Each tourney has a $2,650 buy-in and its Day 1A on Sunday, August 4th.

We know that a $2,650 buy-in is out of the price range for many of your players, which is why we always run our Venom Fever satellites. These are our biggest Mystery Bounty and PLO tourneys ever and now there’s tons of chances to qualify for cheap, or even free!

Venom Fever is guaranteeing 893 seats to the Mystery Bounty Venom. There are Direct Satellites (start at $33) that offer 369 seats and Mega Satellites (paths start at $0) with 309 more. There are also 55 seats via several multi-flight tourneys which come with just a $16.50 buy-in. A final 160 seats are guaranteed via the weekly Beast Satellite which starts Sunday, July 7th.

The $2 Million PLO Venom will also be really coveted by your players. Venom Fever is guaranteeing those 100 seats mentioned above through Direct Satellites (60 seats) and Mega Satellites (40 seats).

Let everyone know about the red-hot Venom Fever satellites now! For more info, see the promo page.