Thursday is the new “must play” day of the week at WPN sites

While Sunday is easily the biggest day of the week on the poker calendar, it’s not always practical for your players to log on.  Sometimes other commitments simply get in the way.  That’s why we’ve created Big Poker Thursdays, which is a compelling alternative for players who crave big action outside of the weekend.

Starting October 12th, we’re boosting our total guarantees on 22 Thursday tournaments to an astounding $1,140,000. That’s an increase of $450,000 in guaranteed prize pools each and every Thursday, making it the new “must play” day of the week at WPN sites.

Big Poker Thursdays feature tournament buy-ins ranging from $0.11 to $1,050, which means the promotion can be marketed to players with small, medium, and large bankrolls. By offering 22 featured tournaments with a massive guarantee increase, players of all means will be enticed to sign up and take part. This means that, as an affiliate, you’ll be able to attract a large and more diverse pool of players, including players who have other commitments on the weekend.

Of course, Big Poker Thursdays serve as much more than an alternative to our busy Sunday.  They’re also the perfect companion to our weekend schedule, so be sure to use both angles to entice players.

So, get the word out about Big Poker Thursdays. We can’t wait to see your players online on our new “must play” poker day.