The Sunday Squeeze is getting a makeover and players are gonna love it

The holiday season is all about decorations, whether it’s putting up lights all around the house or showing off that new tree. Now, WPN is giving a makeover to one of its most popular tournaments (the Sunday Squeeze) starting Sunday, December 4th.

Here’s what the staying the same.

The Sunday Squeeze is still a multi-flight $50,000 guaranteed tournament with 80 weekly Day 1 flights. That means players from all over the world in different time zones can take part.

There are 12 Day 1 flights on Monday to Saturday. They are every two hours starting at 12:05am ET and ending at 10:05pm ET. There are then eight more flights on Sunday starting at 12:05am ET and ending at 2:05pm ET.  If your players survive Day 1, they’ll compete in Day 2 on Sunday at 6:05pm ET.

In addition, the Day 1 flights will still have a really fast run time of just three hours.

Here’s what’s changing.

The Sunday Squeeze is no longer a freezout tournament and will now have 1 re-entry per flight, just in case Lady Luck is not on their side the first time.

The buy-in is increasing from $10.50 to $16.50, however that’s still a bargain with a guarantee of this size. And overall, we are expecting bigger prize pools for this tourney on a weekly basis.

Please note that if your players still have $10.50 tickets (the previous Sunday Squeeze buy-in), they can use them on a special $30,000 GTD tourney that will run every Sunday in December. More details on that tourney coming soon.

So, let your players know about the new and improved Sunday Squeeze and keep dripping with profits!