Popular new tourneys are a great tool for sign-ups and conversions

Our Mystery Bounty Tournaments debuted earlier this year and have been greatly received by players, as well as been a great marketing tool for affiliates.

Now, there’s even more good news as we’ve changed two of our popular multi-day events, The Sunday Squeeze and The Dime, into monthly Mystery Bounty tournaments. There are daily Day 1 flights every two hours and Day 2 is on the last Sunday of the month.

The Sunday Squeeze now has $250,000 guaranteed with a top bounty of $25,000. The buy-in is $16.50. The Dime has $75,000 guaranteed with a top bounty of $7,500. The buy-in for that is a minuscule $2.50.

Remember, In Mystery Bounty tourneys, players use their Day 1 flights to accumulate their chip stack. Then on Day 2, they can win big either by running deep or by collecting a huge surprise bounty every time they knock out a player!

So, make sure to get the word out about the two new, big Mystery Bounty tourneys! They’re a great selling point for sign-ups and conversions!