Best Affiliate Manager

In terms of iGaming expertise, Cynthia Ulate straddles two worlds. For her colleagues, she’s an iGaming affiliate maven with a knack for connecting with affiliates and forging positive relationships, ultimately benefiting the Winning Poker Network and its affiliates in a perfect symbiotic relationship. For affiliates in the iGaming space, she’s an enthusiastic learner on new and better marketing techniques, helping newcomers boost profits by tapping into the online marketing industry.

Cynthia Ulate has been working at the Winning Poker Network as part of its affiliates team for 3.5 years — a small slice of her 19-year history serving the iGaming industry in multiple capacities. As a Manager on the WPN Affiliates team, Cynthia has witnessed firsthand the massive impact that cryptocurrency has had on WPN’s business and that of its affiliates.

Since Bitcoin was first accepted in 2015, Cynthia has been part of the team that’s been instrumental in helping WPN take its crypto business from just 2% to over 60% today. Yes, that’s 60%, coming directly from the over 60 different cryptocurrencies now accepted on the Winning Poker Network. The boost in profits doesn’t just help WPN’s bottom line. It’s also made a huge impact on the affiliate community. But it wasn’t an easy road. For years, partners and potential partners had a negative perception of cryptocurrency, categorizing it as a fad or not understanding how one can make a profit by getting involved with such volatile currencies. But Cynthia has been instrumental in helping affiliates better understand cryptocurrency and realize the potential for profit with this industry-changing technology. A big part of building up cryptocurrency took place at a number of affiliate conferences around the world, where WPN Affiliates staff hosted panels, roundtables, and discussions — all focused on crypto and how it could change the affiliate business for the better. Cynthia has been instrumental in training her fellow WPN Affiliates staff members, as well as customer service agents on the MyAffiliates Platform. She’s also connected with new affiliates, walking them through the platform and what it takes to get a business ready for better profits, and supporting them along the way.

While building great business relationships has been a major focus for Cynthia, her day-to-day tasks as an Affiliate Manager stretch far beyond the acquisition frontier. Cynthia continues to work hard to advance the relationships with those affiliates who have been with WPN for a long time and is always looking at ways to up the ante for affiliates along the way.

We believe Cynthia would be a great choice for Best Affiliate Manager.